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Intermediate Python “you are qualified”

Do the developers actual monitor this thing? How am I supposed to figure out what is wrong with the code if the only test case is hidden?! I am not sure why any of them are hidden from an instructional design standpoint, but to have zero outputs to review is silly.

1/25/2022 9:42:20 PM

Kevin MacPherson

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The test cases are hidden so we don't hard code solutions. All relevant conditions are in the task description, read it carefully. Make sure you only output the skill, not a list or set If you need help with code, please link your code.



Kevin MacPherson here this might help a bit on the exercise skills.intersection( job_skills ) is similar to but not the same as: skills.includes( job_skills ) assign it to a variable let's say x = x = skills.intersection( job_skills ) This creates a common array without actually creating an array called x Then lets call what skills and job_skills have in common. for y in x : Then lets print from the imaginary array x each item ( y ) one at a time >>>print( y ) *hint: don't overcomplicate