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Why people view my private code bit?

Why do people view my private code bit even if I don't shared it with anyone? I been like confused I haven't shared this code with anyone and this code bit visibility is private but why I am seeing 4+ views how this happened?

1/25/2022 9:29:20 AM

Maxwell D. Dorliea

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Viewing your code also increase code view count even if it is set to private.


It's counting the number of times people saw that code including you 😉


They are your own views, the more you see your code yourself the more views will increase💸


Thank Y'all


Maxwell D. Dorliea yes it includes duplicates


Shreya Kresnt Mun Emms Code I will try to observe that.


Kresnt Mun the counts include duplicate?


Lol yup, you're okay. It's just counting your own views. I think a lot of people can relate to the experiences of thinking they accidentally made a code public instead of private. That view count will have you double checking.


Yes it includes duplicate view counts.