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Hi, so... my Iphone screen suddently stopped working a few days ago. The problem is that sololearn.com doens't allow me to login to my account via. the Icloud email, which I've used to create my account, and is actively subscribing to PRO on. I hope someone is able to help me. I have tried to reach out to Sololearn, but havn't recieved ANY response what so ever. *I had to create this new account to be able to post*

1/23/2022 6:01:58 PM

Alexander Friis

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Alexander Friis hi, If you are not able to login with your primary email to Sololearn app or website than take an screenshot or screen recorder of that issue and sent an mail to Sololearn official mail [email protected] They will respond and solve your login issue asap. You need to mail from your primary id used for login into old account with all the necessary information so it can be checked sooner..


Thanks šŸ˜Š I'll give it a shot šŸ‘