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I need your help for a exercises in pynthon.

You need to make a program for a leaderboard. The program needs to output the numbers 1 to 9, each on a separate line, followed by a dot: 1. 2. 3. ...

1/23/2022 5:28:39 PM


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It's fascinating how many people want to be programmers, but can't even spell the name of the programming language they're using. It's not like attention to detail is important for programming ...


Carlos Santiago Reina Lesson 10.1 of Python for Beginners is all about printing strings and creating new lines. Your answer is there


lol, which language is this? "pynthon"?


it's very simple bro. use for loop and range function ¯\_(惄)_/¯


Gracias a todos y sobre todo a Rik por su buena onda. Thanks RIK: I was able to do well. A los demas si no van a aportar no comenten. Esto va para Simon.


dot = '.' n =int(input('range for dots')) for i in range(n): print(str(i)+dot+ ' ') with open('file','a+') as f: f.write(str(i)+dot+ ' ')