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Anyone plz remove the error

c++ c

1/19/2022 4:28:41 PM

Mr Solo

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A͢J thx bro ❤️


Anyone can remove errors but you need to know few things: 1 - you should not have unused variable 2 - you should know how to create function, what function should return 3 - where to open and close curly braces 4 - where to use return 0 and why. 5 - how to declare variable and which type of data should store that variable Now coming on code.:: 1 - where is largest function. 2 - function should have same return type as defined variable 3 - you didn't close curly braces properly 4 - you didn't use return 0 at right place.


A͢J bro can u plz fix the code and send me plz


Mr Solo I can fix but you need to debug self to learn concepts properly. Now wait I am fixing the error.


A͢J ok bro next time I trying my best


Mr Solo Here is the solution.