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Where's the problem in my code?

See this, please help me https://code.sololearn.com/WQ53lZHiNLrA/?ref=app

1/18/2022 2:55:04 PM


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The talkify.min.js would have to be on the Sololearn server the way your src= is codeded. The full path to a web location to where it can be found would be needed or it has to be in the same directory as your html file. P.S. I see no issue with line 5 of your html


Paul K Sadler ok so....the problem is in the link, so can you share me the link please? I ain't getting it


Think like a browser or node.js server, they see talkify.min.js...where do they look for that file? Based on the value you put in the src attribute they will look in the same directory as your html file. It won't be found because it's not on the Sololearn Server. So the value in the src must point to a location where that file can be found. Refer to the talkify documentation to determine the location/link to use. It might be there is a CDN location (if you don't know what that is google it). You might be able to put it on your Google Drive, iCloud, MS OneDrive or other cloud based storage solution. That will require making a public share on the service you use.


Daniel Sunday Osogu Максим Васильев , does my code runs for you?


Is okay keep working hard



I think 5 line