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What is integer

Does it positive and nagative numbers


1/2/2022 12:12:59 PM


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Deepak Kerav , you have posted here a real bunch of very basic questions. have you tried to use google before posting here?


Yes, integer is any number doesn't have point when u write it and may be positive or nigative


In some languages You also have an unsigned int type, which means that value held doesn't have either + nor - sign and is always read as a positive number.


Integer is a datatype. It's get almost 4 bytes of memory size


Yes, integers are numbers that don't have decimal points whether positive or negative


An integer is a number which has no decimals, and it can be positive or negative. Positive:- numbers after zero. Ex: 1,2,3.... Negative:- numbers before zero. Ex: -1,-2,-3.......


Yes, and they have a limit to how big the number can be before you reach integer overflow for both positive and negative values. If you want decimal points you need a float or double.