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Why I always wins with Sololearn in challenge?

Whenever Sololearn challenge me , why I always win?

12/5/2021 4:41:28 AM


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Sololearn is a bot , score only 3-4 points in a challenge


The SL account tries to be not too good to give you confidence and encourage you to play more challenges.


Sololearn the bot in the app is designed for user experimentation. It will always adapt to what the user has learned so each time you advance you will notice more difficult questions but this bot was designed to motivate and improve. what you are learning the bot can answer 2-4 correct questions Sorry for my English but I speak Spanish natively


Actually its because you're good If you answer wrongly on all question SL would deffinitly win But if you answer everything correctly you're going to win


Thanks Sonic Antonio ÃKR Anshika A͢J - S͟o͟l͟o͟H͟e͟l͟p͟e͟r͟ YOUSEF AWENI



Anshika Singh Codes are managed by Sololearn team. But they don't play challenge. It is automated.


BRIEFLY: Because Sololearn is a bot and you are very good at the language.


★«Caleb Guerra Ortega»★ 😂


Rabs yeah, haha, it's briefly


Sololearn must be challenging you with HTML if you always win


Maybe not a real challenge.. just training and motivation


this is challenge and motivation and then training


nice 👍


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