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Print ('c':\docs\nvivek')

What is the out put of this code, I am beginners .

12/1/2021 6:47:12 PM

Vivek Kumar Singh

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Vivek Kumar Singh , there is still an error in the code, since python is case sensitive. spelling of print() has to be lowercase. the first quote in print() statement is still wrong, it has to be: print('c:\docs\nvivek') then the output will be: c:\docs\nvivek


It will produce error.  single quote after c is considered as the end of the string and rest part is not the part of a string.


This will also produce the error.. Read about what type of argument print accepts


You can run code yourself in the sololearn playground.


Actually, You Have Done A Backslash Error... And Also, Quotation Mark Error. Remove That Extra ', Replace All The \ With \\ Then, Run The Code Again... Repaired: print('c:\\docs\\nvivek')


It will raise an error Bcoz you have end with quotation mark at c and also at the end


Sorry its my mistake Print (c':\docs\nvivek')


Thanks to you 👍


Actually ,i am also writing this code but this my typing mistake 😃


Okay thanks 👍