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Hi, I need this question answered. Does anyone know if you can write programs or apps on Coding Playground?

12/1/2021 11:29:57 AM

Isaiah Jackson

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Why would it be urgent? Sololearn playground is for writing short programs. It is for practice purpose and if you have a larger project, you'll need your own Python installation on your computer


You can't make apps and websites on this Code Playground. But you can surely do it in the other applications in computer. Examples of these applications are :VS Code, Notepad etc. Notepad is not seriously good for that much but still some people could try it.. You can surely make clones here, but that's not easy task too. Make sure that you can just challenge, code, learn and discuss here. I don't mean it's too simple here, but you can make valuable codes here. You can create clones here. Just practice here.... You can create toy games with Python. So remember, beginner then advanced and finnally best!πŸ˜€ Hope we answered your question! Happy Learning! ×D




thanks Lisa