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Hate speech in Instagram posts

Hey, I must write a Programm for my Python project, which should detect hate speech in the Instagram posts, e.x. the hate speech in the interaction of the picture, caption and hashtags unter the picture. I am Little Bit a noob in Python, so can Someone give me some advises how can I fulfill this problem ;)

11/17/2021 11:16:05 PM


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Explicitly constructing a dictionary and an algorithm is probably not feasible. You're probably better served using machine learning. If you do a web search for "hate speech" and "machine learning" you'll find a number of projects (and importantly data to train your own model) for text. Doing it for pictures will take a lot of work unless you can find a database that you can use as training data, i.e. a collection of images that have been labelled as including or not including hate speech.


First you have to define all the words that you know people use in hate speech along with the intensity of it(like an integer). Then scan the message and when the number of words and the intensity crosses a particular amount, you'll flag it as hate speech. For example, the message "I hate you, your songs are trash. If I was your neighbour, I'll kill you myself" should be a hate speech, but the message "Though people hate your songs, and they say they're trash, I love them. If I was your neighbour, I'll be listening to your songs all day long happily" should not be flagged as hate speech. You can also try something like this. While your give negative points for the hate words, you can give positive points when you see positive words. That way you can better differentiate between a hate speech and a normal message. All the best ;)


ML algos to detect hate speech could be good project


It's a Good projet ❤️ all the best