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Does Sololearn count views or accounts?

If I view a code multiple times will it be counted as one or the times I’ve viewed.

11/8/2021 10:05:22 PM


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views. So if you look at it 20 times, it will have a count of 20


Rik Wittkopp so if my phone sends multiple requests to view the code file due to a laggy network, the code will get the corresponding amount of views? Wow


Rishi My codes have hundreds of views but very few upvotes. 🤣😅🤣


Rik Wittkopp I've looked onto some of your codes, they're awesome. Perhaps many are lazy to upvote or forgot. I did some upvotes cuz I like them =)


Thanks Rishi I will have to return the favour 😉👍


Rik Wittkopp tnx =)