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How helpful has Sololearn been for you?

Have you found using Sololearn help you advance in your careers or your understanding of programming?

4/3/2017 3:57:25 AM


6 Answers

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Yeah. It has helped me learn how to deal with clients of all kinds. ... of all kinds.


It does not help me in my careers as my career is far away from Computer Science...but yes in case of learning programming, switching to SoloLearn is the best option. It's very helpful and I personally recommend it to beginners!😊


Sololearn changed my dream earlier I was wanted to become a physicist but sololearn inspired me and my life and the way changed now I want to be a programmer.


Sololearn helped me so much. I am programming from 4 years but with very little interest in it. After joining Sololearn, I started to love programming.


the challenges and courses, not much at all. helping answer questions has lead me to writing codes and researching things.. I have learned a lot doing this. rummaging thru the codes has given me lots of ideas for things to build


yes ,I learn by it and when i stope in somthing i fond pupilles help me