Regarding pro subscription

If I take pro subscription on my mobile app will i be able to use the pro features on web too ? Also If I take pro subscription through web will I be able to use it on my mobile app ? Please help. Thank You

29th Oct 2021, 5:28 AM
Anmol Sirola
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Hi Anmol, my understanding is that your subscription is tied to your account and as such is applicable wherever you login with that account. However, note that the Sololearn desktop website lacks important features such as code coaches. As such, it is difficult to take full advantage of your subscription without the mobile app. You will still be able to access PRO content in lessons/courses available on the desktop website though. https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/2134694
29th Oct 2021, 5:37 AM
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Fermi I don't have pro subscription but still i can access code coach problem using bits in website. Now code coach also available on website.
29th Oct 2021, 7:21 AM
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