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Pls can someone help me with this?

Omondi is starting a new business, a car renting business. Omondi starts with five different Cars. Each car has a model, a year when it was released, a year when Omondi acquired it, the money made from that car, the car's plate number, and the number of times that it has been in business. (It has been rented). As Omondi is looking into expansion, he wants to be able to rent the cars, add new cars to his collection, remove the cars from his collection, count the number that each car has been rented out, and the money made from each car. Please help Omondi.

10/20/2021 12:48:20 AM


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Subad indentation is a very important thing in Python. Your indentation was bad, so I corrected it. Though I'm not sure about this answer, I'm waiting for Jay Matthews or Simon Sauter to answer


If you don't care about Omondi, you know I definitely don't. Maybe he can show you how to create this program.


You can't just give the question and get answers for it. Show your attempt first. Then tell exactly where you're stuck, or have doubt. Save your code in code playground and share it's link here. All the best =)



Rishi Jay Matthews


Subad to be blunt your attempt has about as much to do with a solution to the problem as a three year olds crayon drawing of a house with architectural blueprints. As Rishi already pointed out your code is not even proper python code. Beyond that it doesn't even attempt to capture the complexity of the task. It seems to me that you're very new not just to python, but to programming and that this task is far beyond your current skill level. I recommend going through the basics again before trying your hand at this again.


Rishi Simon Sauter I can't thank you both enough, I'm really grateful thanks for the advice and the solution as well 😊🤗