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How to create these shapes

So I see these shapes from . How to do this?

10/17/2021 6:45:01 AM


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Look for some tutorial on youtube. You will learn basic shapes, but others is creativity and practice.


Lemme tell you, first, make a div element, set its width and height, set it's background-color to something, like white, then place it somewhere on the screen. Now make another div element, and repeat everything, and to rotate it, use "transform: rotate(90deg)". You may already know this but just saying in-case. Also, you can write any other value instead of 90deg, such as 45deg. You can also write the value in negative. I know that is hard, making a element, styling it, etc... but as much as i know, that's how you can achieve what you want to. :)



I learned it to ful


So do practice. Without practice nothing is possible.


Shortcut won't work bro, you have to learn css