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Why client-side frameworks?

I'm reading about frameworks currently. And on an article, I was reading they said client-side frameworks make websites more interactive. So if I don't use one, does that mean my website will be static?. Or will it be interactive but in a slow way?

10/17/2021 3:34:53 AM


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One basic reason yo use framework is, If you don't use framework and go with just core language then you will simply have to write more code to achieve same functionality that you will achieve with less code using any framework. however, it is not compulsory to use framework.


The client-side framework is usually a JavaScript library and runs in a Web browser, such as React, Angular and Vue. A number of web developers opt to build their web applications on top of client-side framework libraries. These libraries are frameworks in that they build higher-level APIs for client-side programming on top of the standard and proprietary APIs that web browsers offer. Once a developer adopts a framework, he needs to rewrite his code to use the APIs defined by that framework. The benefit of using a framework is that it’s a higher-level API that enables a developer to do more with less code. A framework that’s well-written also addresses many compatibility, security and accessibility issues.


Makes developers design and development of web application more easier faster and effective


Also frameworks can make web app load faster, is good to maintain and work on large code. More on this topic: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn/Tools_and_testing/Client-side_JavaScript_frameworks/Introduction