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Hi, I want to make a platform shooter game!

I'm confused, I'm using sfml graphics library with C++ since half year, and I got order to make an platform-shooter game.. So, I think, that making games in sfml take to much time compared to earning money. Should I lern some new Game engine like "unreal" to make games faster and better? Is time to change language? or stay with this big library like SFML?

4/1/2017 9:31:56 PM

Jakub Kleban

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if u are familiar with c++ then i would look into unreal engine


Can you explain me how to shoot bullet by player? U see I use SFML and c++ and so far I have player bullet enemy but now the problem is bullet is position in top left corner, and when I press space he is fired but how to put bullet to fire from position where is player.


i am sorry but what is sfml?