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Oops, Error!

why i keep getting "Sorry! It seems something went wrong on our end!" urgh ! help i just wanted to learn c++. anyone with same problem with me? how to solve this problem

9/23/2021 4:13:31 PM

wilfredo Sumayan

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It says it's a problem on their end. I guess we just have to wait til they fix it. If you have the phone app, you can still learn there while we wait for it to be fixed. That's what I'm doing.


Yeah, I'm trying to learn Java and I keep getting the same error.


Try these step by step and see if it works after each step(assuming you use a mobile phone) 1)Try restarting the app 2) Clear the cache and data(you might have to login again) 3) Force stop 4) Uninstall and reinstall the application 5) Restart your phone 6) Try blasting your phone with a nuclear bomb Just kidding, don't try the 6th one =)


this is sucks i dont know how to solve this.


Ok, this is actually reassuring that more people are complaining about this issue now. I sent them a mail, but I think in the end it's just a server problem. I also get 'oops, error" when I try to access ANY course from the course page. I was in the middle of the SQL course when it started happening. I think it's on their server's end and not our accounts. We prob just have to wait till the servers work again. I'm also not on phone but on computer, I already cleared the cache, logged out and back in. I even tried on google chrome and edge iso firefox. As soon as I log in and click on a course, or resume course "oops, error"


@rishi i'm using computer :( i already report it on sololearn the error just keep showing up


wilfredo Sumayan well, let's hope sololearn fixes this bug at the earliest. Until then, if you have access to a phone, use sololearn apk. It works fine =)