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What is worse: a bad boss or a bad client?

A bad boss does not want you to make a good code he just want the job done and fast. and when it is done he is never pleased. A bad client does not know exactly what he wants, never ends requesting changes and sometimes can not explain why he/she didn't like the work.

4/1/2017 9:57:20 AM

Ashley Marques

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I personally think that there are pros and cons to both sides. Both of these types of people trains you to work under stress, to complete your tasks way ahead before deadline in the shortest and most efficient way and levels up your anger management skills. You start to learn to predict the unpredictable, and before you know it, you start coping well with what others consider BS requests. If I had to pick what is worse, I'd say a bad boss, since he/she has direct control over your career. Imagine getting no bonus cookies after months of work.


Worst case: bad boss appoint us to finish the job for bad client. Jump out window.


A bad boss is worse than a bad client, who is in turn worse than a bad boss.


I think bad boss is the worst one, because a boss can direct something to make his bad client a good one, right? @Hatsy Rei I stole your cookies 🍪⊂(▀¯▀🍪⊂)


Agreed and that's because the Boss has a greater responsibility of the project than the client


A bad boss can be the cause of bad clients. Having worked directly with clients for many years, as a supervisor and as a subordinate, I observe that the clients largely react to the people serving them. Having well trained staff who are empowered to assist clients can be reassuring to suspicious clients and educating to the ones who don't know what they want. Good boss ~> Good staff ~> Good client ~> Good $$ Learn as much as you can from a bad boss, sometimes they became boss by being very good at what they do (leading others is an entirely different set of skills that the bad boss still needs to learn). But don't waste too much time with a bad boss, it's not worth stress.