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Need solutions for c#

I would have to learn c# in the htl and have no desire to do everything alone. can someone please send me all the solutions for the exercises: Multiple of 3 Dance Robot-Barman Coffee Time (1) Coffee Time (2)


9/20/2021 5:18:27 PM

Matthias Tschandl

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sending all the solutions defeats the purpose.


If you ask help, you should explain your problems one by one, clearly. Also, add your attempt/ code. After that ask what unclear point or error is. Then, we can help easily. Thanks for understanding. Happy coding!


Why should we do your homework? What do you get from having solutions you don't understand? ;) And which exercises exactly? The one's in the sololearn course? You almost completed the C# course. If you struggle with a task, ask your question more precisely and link your code.