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Can I make an app with solo learn?

Anybody please help me

9/15/2021 2:29:36 PM

Abhay Kumar

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Abhay Kumar its not possible in Mobile phone becz for app development lots of things required talking about android studio in your mobile screen only you can see directory structure of your project . Its so far for development .


As far as i know try to make apps on vs code app(visual studio code app)


No its not possible because in phone it is not possible it have alot of process but if uh want for practice and public reviews you can make codebits and make it public and upload it I hope it helps 😀😀😀


Then on which app or website can I make an app


Thank you so much a.s I am following you


No, it's not possibe in mobile phone


It's not impossible


Use Sololearn mainly to learn the syntax


What do you mean by app with sololearn . Sololearn plateform won't provide any features for app development u can try via web if u expecting through java kotlin then u cannot do


App development on sololearn not possible you can try flutter or Android Studio


No, you can't


No can't creat an application or website