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How to Get My Own Node JS Server For Free?

I Have Made A Messaging App That Runs On A localhost Server But, I Want To Host That App Instead Of A Server. I Want A Web Server Of My Own That Hosts Node JS WebSockets 24x7 For FREE... What Can I Do???

9/12/2021 3:07:38 PM

Sancho Godinho

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Use heroku


Ayush Thanks For Your Answer. As, I Am Already on!


I don't know about hosting but I doubt that one can get unlimited capacity and expect everything is for free (and secure). 🤔


CalviÕ² Thanks For Your Answer It's Really Helpful But, I Want Unlimited For Free...


Sourik Ghosh Thanks For A Nice Answer 😊


Sourik Ghosh Ayush Thanks For Your Valuable Answers...


Please don't buy. Use heroku for free.


Heroku, vercel and zeet they give free services but are limited.


You can use heroku or :) however they have some limitations (for example on Heroku I believe you have 5 free projects)


You can use port forwarding if you have WiFi router with internet connection. Your users can access it through IP address and port ( not domain name)


Piotr Nice Idea! As, I Already Have An Account On glitch...


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