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Abort BTS

Do I have’nt to do everything written in today’s BTS in the feed? Or is just the 2 lessons?

8/25/2021 8:27:27 PM

Claus Arnt Rasmussen

4 Answers

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Yes, you have to complete 2 lessons as minimum for today. For more information, https://www.sololearn.com/blog/204 https://www.sololearn.com/blog/203


Yeah, if you want to participate BTS 2 lessons per day is enough. But no one can stop you if want to learn more


Simba Thank you very much Glad you could help. In my years om Sololearn I’ve never seen/noticed how to join BTS. and I’ll not miss it if i can avoid it. 👍💯😊


Simba it was an question i know i can do as many lessons as i want. My question is rather what kind of task or is it just the 2 lessons as minimum I’ve to complete to fuldill my daily quest?