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How can i create a virus

for androids


3/30/2017 10:40:02 PM


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Opt for something harmless. If you want a good prank,


If you have to ask...


Why would you want to? I made one and tested it on my windows device, but that was just to see if I could do it. I will not help you create something harmful.


Viruses can be very harmful to system memory or processing. It would not be a prank.


OK...I get d point. tnxs


I want to give you a serious answer. Virus for android are generated with msfvenom in Metasploit Framework, learn Linux OS and Metasploit. For more information read this: Do you wanna create a virus from 0? Learn a programming languages like C++ Test the exploits with YOUR device, trust me... it's not fun harm others people. PS: Hacking != Virus in the phones of your friend. ~Sorry for my English ^_^


u no prank my friends



You'll be breaking the Computer Misuse Act, which the person ends up being in prison with unlimited fines.


I don't think creating virus to prank your friends is the best option. you could as well create an app that can prank them without it being harmful. viruses are dangerous... Iretomiwa