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How many people use sololearn?

3/30/2017 12:34:54 PM

Sachin Prajapati

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two. me, and you. that's right, I'm actually a fox who has gotten control of a computer; through pure cosmic coincidence of walking on the keyboard, I've typed and posted every single thing on this platform. woof.


Only max a few thousand are active at a time though, given over 30 billion registered accounts.


4 million ++ it is based on the followers of official Sololearn account, because every new user will automaticly follow Sololearn. but there is always a possibility that the number is.... more than 30 billion (Six billion real account and 24 billion ghost in the shell) or just one ( a legendary fox named Ahri )


@Ahri Fox ._. Stun




@Hatsy Rei 30 billion registered accounts - from where did you get this numbers ?


@Max 15,243,973- from where did you get this numbers ?based on what source ?


@Ahri Fox- very funny reply