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Credits for Images and Songs

In my code, I wish to use some songs and images which are most probably copyrighted. Is it necessary to provide credit for all of them in my code?

7/30/2021 8:42:27 AM

Tapabrata Banerjee

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It is important to always try to credit whatever material you've obtained from third-party sources to be put into your work, even if the original author/composer/artist allows free use of it. It is proper etiquette which will guide you well in maneuvering the treacherous waters of various copyright law and licenses. Not only are you providing praise to the original creator by citing their work, you are also declaring that there is no intent of theft on your side, so ultimately you are benefiting both yourself and others by doing so. In fact, there is no good reason not to credit any third party content which you use. Imagery, soundtracks, fonts (yes, certain fonts are obscure and proprietary.. I've spent days looking for a font type used in someone's work because they did not cite anything ) and even ideas! If I did not cite my sources for my research papers, I probably wouldn't be half the person I am today.


Songs are often easier to provide credits to (title, artist name). The point of credits is to enable others to look up the original content if they wish to, so I reckon those would suffice. If they come from the same album/collection, that's even easier since you can just quote a link to that collection.


But while writing your code, you need to keep track of your resources anyway, don't you? So you could just put the references as comment into the script or make a collapsible button for credits or an explanation that you used some else's content. I just don't think that a logic like "wow, I've worked for 4 weeks so hard on my code and carefully selected 70+ cool artists but now I just can't afford the time to give any credits" is very convincing. Do you know what I mean? :)


Hatsy Rei Ok thank you 😊


Benaam Badshah Ok, thanks 😊


Hatsy Rei Will it be fine if I just provide the link to the song without writing the name?


Tapabrata Banerjee [Studying - No DM] [BUSY] That sounds ok. Ultimately if whoever views the link is made aware of the origins of the soundtrack/song, it should be sufficient.


If you are using codes then yes or anything another then it's your choice


Do you use them for learning purpose only? Still I think it's good practice to give credits. (Well, if you use direct links to the original, people can find the original artists/ authors.) If someone borrowed from your works, wouldn't you like them to state that explicitly?


Lisa Yeah I know, I want to give credits but the amount is huge like 70+ songs so giving credits is really difficult...


If you cannot give complete credit (provide links to their channels or websites), try to atleast mention their name. Like I like NCS, so if I use it in a code, I will atleast mention them.


Basically, to be on the safer side, give credit, that's all.


Tapabrata Banerjee , You Should Really Credit The Source... It Helps The Content Creator to Get More Public Attention By Your App. In Simple Words, You Promote That Content Through Your App For Free... But, It's Really Import to Credit The Source. Even When I Make Big Projects on Github, I Always Credit the Source...


Sancho Godinho [DM Free] Yes I have... I was talking about the media in TBMusic code... well they were like too too many... so I was wondering...