Can we maintain our own sever at home ? Is this possible?🤔 #html | Sololearn: Learn to code for FREE!


Can we maintain our own sever at home ? Is this possible?🤔 #html

If it is possible how can we maintain that💻#website #code

7/28/2021 5:18:21 PM


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Yes it is . U need a webserver and u need portforwarding in your router. A raspi is a good choice if your server does not need too much power.


The only problem with port forwarding on your router is that typically the router's wan address will change periodically. Most people do not have a fixed wan address. This means that even if you have registered a domain name DNS servers will have no way of keeping up with the constant change of IP address for that domain. If you don't have a domain name then it is necessary to know the IP address of the router to access it; and it will change. Note also that some ISPs expressly forbid the use of your domestic system for hosting an externally accessible web, game, ftp, or file server in their terms of service. If you get caught doing this it can lead to termination of service and legal action. Some ISPs offer business plans with a fixed IP address and server capability but they are more expensive.


I am well aware of the solutions to the problems of a changing IP address. I felt it pertinent to mention the problem since it was not mentioned to the OP. There is more to hosting a web server at home than simply plugging a Raspberry pi into your network and port forwarding. That's a gross oversimplification. I also doubt that the OP understands port forwarding if they had to ask how to run a web server at home. It is also advisable to run the server in a chroot jail if you're going to connect it to the internet. It won't take long for the script kiddies to find it with their port scanning scripts.


Martin Taylor your basically right, there is one catch though! There is and has been a solution for a long time regarding the constant change of the ip. You are right about not keeping up with it as a person, but like every problem there is a solution! Its called Dynamic DNS (DDNS in short), specifically made to fix the “dynamic ip” problem that most ISPs have. And like Oma Falk mentioned, a raspi (the last version supports a lot of RAM) is a very good choice, and is pretty fast to for such a small device! Do good with it! 👍


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Martin Taylor there are Provider for this prob. But actually u have to do sth. for it. r it.


I almost forgot to mention, most newer routers support DDNS out of the box, which will make the setup a lot easier!


2 ways 1) raspberry pi 2) you can create your own local server on your desktop Incase you don't have one you can do it on your phone too(not recommend)but possible.