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How to I use multiple languages for the same project

7/24/2021 4:10:02 PM

Chris Jonathan

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Using multiple programming languages to create a single program is known as mixed language programming. How it is done will depend on the language(s) used. When using compiled languages this can involve creating static libraries, or object files, then linking them together to produce the final binary executable. Any language that is capable of creating a dynamic library, a shared library under linux, can be used with any other languge that can used dynamic libraries. All .NET languages (C#, VB, F#) are compatible. Java has the Java Native Interface (JNI) which is used to combine Java with C/C++. There is also the Java Scripting API which allows you to embed scripts into an application. Python can also be extended with C/C++. Many modules and packages are implemented in C/C++. IronPython is a .NET implementation of the Python interpretor and plays well with .NET languages. Jython is a Java implementation that works with Java. Most high end games use multiple languages. The game engine is often written in a compiled language but game specifc code can be written in another standard or proprietary scripting or compiled language e.g. TorqueScript, GDScript, UnityScript, JavaScript, Python, Lua etc. A number of complex applications also contain scripting languages for task automation, ui customisation, and user written extensions e.g. Microsoft Office, Blender, Anim8or, AutoCAD, 3DS Max etc.


That highly depends on what you want to create. Different programming languages exist for different usage. Some are used to make an interface for the user on the client side (like HTML, CSS and JavaScript). Others like PHP or NodeJS (which is JavaScript) run the server-side part of your application. Figure out what exactly you wanna achieve in your project and you'll atleast know what kind of programming languages you're gonna have to be looking for.


They’re asking how do they use multiple languages, not just a limit of 3 with web and with languages other than web


They don’t mean how it’s done, they mean how to do it


Coder, Martin Taylor gave an answer to exactly that question and the original asker marked it as best. There's no reason to continue this tread any further.