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Which programmer language is the hardest?

3/29/2017 7:16:44 PM

Eugene Stadnik

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Yes I'm basically listing them. Machine Language should come a top, then Brainfuck, then probably a few more which I don't know, then Assembly.


@Hatsy Rei Brainfuck? What's that?


Assembly? Brainfuck? Machine language?




The hardest programming language from all categories


Malbolge is the the hardest You can figure it out just by the hello world program: (=<`#9]~6ZY32Vx/4Rs+0No-&Jk)"Fh}|Bcy?`=*z]Kw%oG4UUS0/@-ejc(:'8dc


Lol @ Brainfuck. All languages are "hard" when beginning with programming. Funnily enough, after learning C++, Java, Python (silly snakes) and PHP, I found Bash Shell programming frustrating Lol. So there you go; Bash is hard. so is Awk...and Sed :p p.s Brainfuck isn't practical :p