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Programmer Personality - What to be?

We have programmers who are cocky and still lives up to the talk. We also have programmers who are silent most of the time, preoccupied with their own work, deep in thought. Then we have those who know how to perform special feats, but prefer to blend in the background. What are your personalities and how do you think they work out with your programming lifestyle? Do you think programmers, in spite of all our differences as seperate entities, have something in common when it comes to this topic?

3/29/2017 7:06:56 PM

Hatsy Rei

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Ambivert here: Introverted, reserved and all too serious, when I'm alone in the zone: but extroverted, friendly and quite a charmer, when I'm out, saying Hello to the World! Some call it all-roundedness!


I'm moody. Sometimes 🤔, sometimes 🤓, sometimes 🗣.


I'm often proud of my code but I try not to be too arrogant. I like to think about unsolved problems to prevent my mind idling. Between coding sessions, I could come up with half a dozen potential solutions. So I don't always have to be in front of a computer to solve a problem. Also, before coming to SoloLearn, I believed I was very talented because my peers always came to me for help. Now I realise that I'm not #1 in the world... I'm #62


@Hatsy Idk, psychiatrist want to heal their own crazy minds, so maybe programmers want to yell out their code to the world to communicate ^^


@Helioform Can't agree more with better communication when interacting textually. My toungue ties itself in all-too-formal presentations and it's not a good thing.


Mine: Introverted, don't hang out with people. Spend my time thinking about explosive experiments and extreme rc projects... I think all programmers have the ability to work alone. They are used to having only a computer as a companion.


Since J.G brought this up - While introversion doesn't mean that you can't deal or hang out with people, I still build a wall (!Trump) against some. I guess you can say that introversion necessitates "correct people" in companionship. Seems like most programmers are introverts. Any explicit reason? :>


I just chill and try to help when I can. I have fun with coding. Life is to short to be serious all the time....👍


When the reason involved i am introvert When the emotion involved i am open to everyone when the the problem come i am deep-thinking-introvert


Used to be extrovert (arrogant even) when I was younger but became introvert as I got older. My communication skills are much better when I interact textually.


Be yourself - simple as that. I've studied Psychology and found that dedicated computer programmer's are no different than dedicated heavy metal guitar players - both groups of people spend an inordinate amount of time away from people perfecting their craft. You'll be fine :)


I think that programming lets the person observe things more clearly and deeply, making him more selective, & less active socially, then tending more to be alone .. for me, I'm an introvert even before starting to code and this is strengthened with coding, I'm moody (besides work is my only social activity nowadays😁) so I spend most of time achieving more knowledge ..


At work I am full of life, extrovert, great at getting ideas from everyone. I used to get into a lot of the social functions but now just don't have the time... Outside of work is complete opposite. If any of you met me in real life, you'd be like, who's this guy? 😂 I'm always reading, staying quiet, playing with my dogs.


I'm probably the one who likes to get ideas from other peoples code sometimes translating them or sometimes making my own useful codes, I try to befriend with everyone and help them.


I always thought that programmers as a community have some kind of medium in how they interact with each other, with a few extremes. I personally am opening up here a bit more. It's not like I'm not a social person, recently I've been really busy (haven't even been able to teach C 😂), because of work and other things. When I view other people on this app, it makes me want to get to know the community better and get to work with some of you guys and gals. Which is one reason why I hope SoloLearn implements some kind of co-op programming playground or messaging system.


😴 - I think that says it all.


Silence helps me understand things better.


I find myself in the second cat.


@Toni He MBTI! :D You're looking at an INFJ right here. :>


I am ambivert.