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alfabet Morse

Separation after the fifth character,sound during input or output,random mode with verification, keyboard for playing random,leange :rus,eng,france,german

7/8/2021 2:45:10 AM


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Information about The Morse Code : If your goal is to create an GUI (Graphical User Interface) app to encode and decode the morse code please refer to the CLI (Command Line Interface) instead, as you should have an skeleton (idea, main content) of your app, made firstly in CLI to catch errors and fix them. After that, 'dress' your code with GUI parts and there it goes 😄. Anyway, you could provide an attempt of yours in your prefer language to see how you're going, unless you haven't one yet.


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It should be a program with input and output of information in different languages of the Morse alphabet. The window displays characters, characters are divided into 5 pieces, then a slash character and so 5 columns. The sound song of the symbol should sound during input or output:short sound (.), long sound (- ), for convenience, the program can be replaced with 0 this (.), with 1 this (-). To learn by ear, create a random mode for playing audio tracks of Morse characters ,for this there must be an interactive keyboard or a check, the language for Morse code for input and output :Russian,English,France,German and others.languages with visualization of what is happening in the program.


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