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Hello everyone, please tell me how can I link td to th?

For example, I drag columns(the rows are not filled in yet), add data using input, and the entered data does not match the column. How can I fix this? <thead id="thead"> <tr id="columns"> <th>№</th> <th>full name</th> <th>date birth</th> <th>salary</th> <th>delete</th> </tr> </thead> document.getElementById("thead").appendChild(rowHead); document.getElementById("add").onclick = function() { let number = document.getElementById('number').value let FIO = document.getElementById('FIO').value let date = document.getElementById('date').value let salary = document.getElementById('salary').value if (number != "" && FIO != "" && date != "" && salary != "") { let row = document.createElement("tr"); row.innerHTML = `<td contenteditable>${number}</td> <td contenteditable>${FIO}</td> <td contenteditable>${date}</td> <td contenteditable>${salary}</td> <td class="close">❌</td>`; document.getElementById("node").appendChild(row);

6/30/2021 9:37:28 PM

Тимур Завьялов

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The table details TD should be inside the Table head TH tag