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unicode system

How to write an emoji using Unicode (in html, css, js and java)

6/21/2021 11:57:17 AM


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Yaroslav Vernigora how about java and js?


At the moment this is the only way to use them in sl 👍 https://code.sololearn.com/cEFVRdU0alsM/?ref=app


Yaroslav Vernigora i don't want to use emoji directly.


what do you want?


i want to understand how emojies encode to \u????


just like the letters in the alphabet. you mentioned unicode. so, they are encoded there. each emoticon is assigned its own special serial number


Yaroslav Vernigora https://stackoverflow.com/questions/53194987/how-do-i-insert-an-emoji-in-a-java-string see second answer.


What does meant these links ? Tell us some explaination about