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Pyhon. How to learn it step by step on SoloLearn?

Please give us some tips on how to learn it step by step on SoloLearn or outside. There are so many related courses here in SoloLearn. Which is 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Your experience. Any useful advice Thank you in advance. P.S: pm me if you need a companion on this way or a friend to talk about IT programming

6/17/2021 7:40:08 AM

Umed Sabzaev

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If you want to solve problems and learn Python, then I advise you the books: - "Byte of Python", - "Learning Python (Mark Lutz)", - "Learning Python: Game Programming, Data Visualization Web Applications. 3rd ed." the book is good to come to a python beginner, there are also problems in the book. I also advise you to have a website for solving problems: "" The best way to learn Python is reading books. The books tell you the topics in detail, and the books also have practical tasks. /Rostislav Khalilov/


Hi! Learn Python here: 1. Python for Beginners 2. Python Core 3. Python Intermediate 4. And others courses


For IT companions: Тред для общения на русском языке: Тематические обсуждения:


Thats useful, if you learn Python


Yaroslav Vernigora Thanks for sharing your ideas about the topic. I will try to follow them


Yaroslav Vernigora That's useful Thanks


Thanks I'm learning as well 🙏


Is Python your main choice?




Great, hope you become great codder on Python. Add me to your friend list. We may help each other


Oh ok yes thank you