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Webserver Security

I wanna make my own website. What is the safest programming language to do? Could you guys send me some security code lines please?

6/4/2021 12:33:31 PM


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There is nothing like safest programming language, it all comes down to how you structure and write your code, how you filter user input, how u manage access to your resources eg databases, files. Read about tricks hackers use to take down websites. For the programming language, let me assume, they are vast of them but consider support, development trend, and it's market. To me I suggest you begin with python due to its beginner friendly status. Pliz don't stick to one


Thank you! I didn't expect a that fast answer!


I totally agree with Kirabo Ibrahim. There is no such thing as a safest language. The safest language is the language in which you have the most experience related to security. Here are some web security guidelines: https://code.sololearn.com/W54lBNvm7rHS/?ref=app