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Is there something in market which can replace/overtake GitHub ?

Dear experienced programmers , engineers and developers you all or most of you guys might be using GitHub and you might be completely aware of how git and github works and also it's rising popularity . So being curious , I was wondering that is there something in the market which can replace or overtake GitHub or what should be the additional features present there in order to encounter all the issues regarding GitHub and to replace it ? Please elaborate it in detail so that each of us newer to this technology can understand it better or can implement something better .

6/3/2021 10:31:02 AM

Ashwin Burnwal(Ash)

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top 10 of github alternatives:


I don't use github. Github is a repository provider. Github is not git. Git can be used without github. Git is a distributed version control system. I would warrant that over 90% of the projects in github do not require a distributed version control system, and the project author does not know the reasons to use a distributed version control system. Currently I use the following version control system tools... RCS - Revision Control System. Old, does not understand "projects". Saves files in a local folder. Still widely used by sys admins to track changes to system configuration files. CVS - Concurrent Version Control. Old. Uses client server file locking model. Good for projects with a small team and one man projects. Also good for tracking local changes and experimental code when you don't want to pollute a distributed repository with minor edits and code in an intermediary state. Fossil - Excellent distributed version control system with integrated wiki, bug tracker, ticketting system, and web server. Proveded as a single executable file. Other version control systems: SubVersion (svn), Mercurial (Hg). The version control system you use and the repository hosting service you use (if you use one) are not the same thing. The only relationship between the two is that the repository hosting service must support the version control system you are using. Some services support multiple systems.