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After learning kotlin on solo, what other technology should I learn to be proficient in the language?

I am new to kotlin programming with no previous programming language

5/23/2021 6:26:13 PM

Dayo Stanley Osagie

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Now, you should install Android Studio and try to code real Android App. Begin with Android Fundamental tutorial series by Philipp Lackner:


You can search for freelance on Google imo


When I am through with this toturial wat next? Should get a certificate? What do I do be Job ready?


How do I land my first job as a mobile app developer or go freelance or start earning income?



Wheres8 I use both but prefer Kotlin over Java. Kotlin has an easier syntax, can use (afaik) every Java library/framework (so you aren't losing out on something) and supports both object-oriented and functional programming. Idc if you like Java more, but stop shit-talking Kotlin.


Dayo Stanley Osagie Learn * how to use an IDE - I recommend IntelliJ for creating desktop apps - and Android Studio for creating Android apps * how to properly debug and test your code * how to use build tools like Maven or Gradle * Android app development and/or how to create graphical desktop apps with libraries like JavaFX/TornadoFX and Swing * Java (even though you can use Kotlin for everything you could use Java for, you should at least be able to read it) * how to use Jakarta Enterprise things like JPA and JavaBeans Validation Framework as well as Spring Boot * SQL for interacting with databases Practice your skills: Code your own projects like * a simple file explorer * a simple editor * some Android apps * or whatever you want [shouldn't be too large].


Piulin Kotlin is just like any other functional language and List comprehension, another bullsh.t abstraction layer. By taking more and more off the hands of programmers, you basically end up with unreadable syntax that makes no sense and does EVERYTHING under the hood. No wonder why people can't/give up learning beatiful languages like C that powers everything, libraries and frameworks like Win32 & WMI because beginners are being spoon fed python simplicity where a function xyz.doEverythingforMe() does everything for them while they never learn the ins&outs. It's a disaster nowadays. Python is being taught as people's 1st language, when it should be taught as last / the nth-language after you've taken on the harder ones. Thats the whole point of python. [you] *Get* more done with less code. Not: sit back and never learn what's going on with these 2 lines.


I understand your concern, but Python is a way better beginner language than C. In my school, we learn programming in Python first [1/2 year], then we "go back to the roots" with C [1 year] and then we learn programming in Java [3 & 1/2 years], HTML/JavaScript [1 year] and Machine Learning with Python [1/2 year] (so, kinda state of the art shit). [Oh, and optional only 1/4 year Kotlin, which is a shame imo.] So, don't worry we still learn C. I wonder if you rewrite the entire C standard library every time you start a new project. Of course, if you can go through all that trouble + end up with x times as much code, you can do everything and even more in C/C++ than in Python, Java, Kotlin or whatever other high level language, but why trying to reinvent the wheel? Improving the libraries and frameworks written in C? yes. Writing everything in it? no.



Try to learn java,and try to install andirod studio at list that can help