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Bad at maths

I just realized how math involved Python seems to be, for someone who isn't very good with numbers, is Python achievable or should I focus on another language ?


5/19/2021 6:58:31 AM

Rock Lebrun

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The thing is, it's not about the language.. It's all about the logic. If you're good at deriving the logic and knew the syntax of any language, then you're DONE!! But, to derive the logic, you should atleast aware of some basic math. No problem... You can make it.. All the best 👍


It all comes on Practice..!! So, try to PRACTICE MORE..!! I bet, you can see the better version of yourselves..



This is honestly highly encouraging. I'm a Senior IT consultant , 28 years old, high school dropout and I wanna learn programming as a side hustle, I'm ready to give it time, but it's pretty intimidating when I look at some of the codes publicly available on here lmao


Everything is a number to a digital computer. If you can't mathematically model the problem then you can't write a program for it. Logic, in the context of computer programming, requires Boolean algebra; which is maths. You really need at least high school grade maths to be a competent programmer. Some programming topics require advanced maths. The math behind 3D animation using quaternions makes my brain ache. Statistical analysis, cryptography, and compression also require some decent mathematics.


I can understand the logic, I just sometimes have issues putting it into "words"