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Python3 [guide needed][SOLVED]

I'm new to python and I discovered that they are two python courses, python core and Python for beginners, is it safe to leave python core and keep up with python beginner? I got a bit confused.. I would appreciate your help.

5/2/2021 3:08:35 PM


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Python for Beginners - the name itself says that it is for beginners. Python Core - this one should be learned AFTER learning the basics.


Genuine Stalwart, thank you for helping, I know my question was kinda weird.. for programmers out there but I was really confused. I appreciate. Have a great day.


Python core was there before Python for beginner was recently introduce here on sl. Python core also contain beginner introduction about the language. I don't see a need to abandoned the core.You have all the time to learn. I finish the core before beginner was introduced, I later went to through beginner with ease.


Apongpoh Gilbert, thanks a bunch brother. :)


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You welcome