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Problem Solving

After learning some programming languages I just realized it's not only about how to write a code but rather it's about how to solve a real problem. Nowadays I'm having an issues to solve a problems from the platforms like when I tried to solve an easy one, but that was hard for me. And if that easy lvl is hard for me then I need to study or practice more with problem solving. What I want from you guys can anyone suggest me anything (books, vids or whatever) to increase my problem solving skills?

4/30/2021 11:04:28 PM


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For starting dsa you should try some easy questions topic wise from hackerrank so you can know how to approach a solution for problem if you can't solve just see editorial and try to learn algorithm that is mentioned in editorial this way you can learn algos while solving questions


There are lot of algorithms and data structure to study which is necessary to solve problem on leetcode there are plenty of videos on youtube for all algorithms there is a site (geeks for geeks, cp algorithms) it has almost all algorithms explained in it. For topic wise practice there is site it has lot of questions to solve topic wise And if you wanna learn any specific topic then mention it here I try to suggest some good material or video for it


Problem solving ability comes with practice. But still if you are looking for a book then " competitive programming handbook" is good for starters in competitive programming. It can easily be found online to read for free. You can download it from here (pdf) 👇


Arsenic thnx bro)


YUGRAJ I'm in web development nowadays and I interested in DS & Algorithms also in cryptographic fields what do you suggest for a beginner?