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Please answer the question present in description...

calculate the number of hours in 888 minutes. the number of hours and then the number of remaining minutes, on separate lines. For example, 72 minutes are equal to 1 hour and 12 minutes, so your program would output: 1 12

4/30/2021 4:29:07 PM

Akshay Gullepelli

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I need explanation


It is against SoloLearn policy to provide answers to programming homework without explanation. What are your attempts to solve this?


If you dont even know where to start, go back over the lesson. This is a very simple math operation.


Akshay Gullepelli Explanation is already given in the problem. Use floor division (//) to get hours and use modulus operator (%) to get minutes. In 1 hour there is 60 minutes and you have 888 minutes so get hours and minutes (you know how get hours and remaining minutes) Learn lesson 6.1 again


Please Help Me😭