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Data structure

By using Array based list creates a list that saved the average for each student; the class will contain the following: # include <iostream> Using namespace std; Class AVG { Private: int capacity; int size; double * data; Public: AVG(); ~ Avg(); void resizeCapacity(int num) void insert(int index,double f) void push_back(double f) void erase (int index) double& operator[](int index) double& back() void display() -In the Main (): 1. Create a list. 2. Show the following menu: 1] Add a new Student. 2] Show Students. 3] Delete a specific student. 4] Retrieve the last student. 5] Insert a student in a specific place. Choose a number: -Then solve each choice.

4/28/2021 11:41:46 AM

Nidal Raed Fathi Hussin

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Adesh Patil If you have a question, you should open your own thread instead of posting non-related answers in existing threads.


Could you please clarify your question? So far, this only looks like the description of some homework, but there is no mention of why you created this thread.


Hi can u help me for creating code of hotel management system.