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Do you code for fun or for work reasons?

3/25/2017 6:17:49 PM


17 Answers

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Programming is my job and hobby.


I always code for fun and experiment with my knowledge


I'm code for challenge limits of myself


I code for fun.


For now I code for fun. Even I try to make a game engine so that I could make my own game in my own game engine. It's so interesting. I will take programming as profession in the future. But for now it's just a toy to me. ;)


both, I like much when do for fun


I code for money and fun.


for fun. i'm happy when i learn


Neither. I code to learn , I code to create.


For now, I'm coding for fun.


It's for the Money.



for now I'm learn I don't know what I do


I code for fun


Civil engineering here. I teach civil engineering courses in college. why do I need coding? Well it keeps me warm.


Personal development (both)