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what is null in koteline?


4/27/2021 7:05:26 AM

Mustaqeem Morshed

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Hello Mustaqeem Morshed, Here you find a lesson about null values in Kotlin :) https://www.sololearn.com/learn/5183/?ref=app


It's show absence of value .


Mustaqeem Morshed For example, a student "A "is in the DS batch(and not in Android) so, the value of student A in Android is null(as he is not in Android batch). ... If any of the value is null i.e. if either of studentA, courseName, instructor is null then the whole expression will return null https://blog.mindorks.com/safecalls-vs-nullchecks-in-kotlin#:~:text=For%20example%2C%20a%20student%20%22A,is%20not%20in%20Android%20batch).&text=If%20any%20of%20the%20value,whole%20expression%20will%20return%20null.