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Can someone help me code this i’m kinda confused. Call a method named getVelocity that returns an integer and has a Scanner parameter. This method must use a either a while loop or a do-while loop to prompt the user to enter the maximum wind velocity (speed) and return it. A valid value for the maximum wind velocity is between 2 and 50 (inclusive). As long as the value is not valid, display a message saying the value is invalid and prompt the user to enter the value again

4/23/2021 11:08:47 PM

Diana Lopez

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static int getVelocity(Scanner sc) { System.out.print("Enter maximum wind velocity : "); int v = sc.nextInt(); while(!(v >= 2 && v <= 50)) { System.out.print("\nInvalid input. Enter again : "); v = sc.nextInt(); } return v; }


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I see what i did wrong now thank you so much for the help :) I appreciate it


You're welcome Diana Lopez ^_^