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Data structures and Algorithms

Is DSA different for different languages? & if it is....then for which language should i learn DSA so that i can land a good job in a top MNC?? Please help.

4/19/2021 4:31:06 PM


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No, the only difference would be implementation. DSA is important if you're going to take programming seriously regardless of where you want to land a job (and ofc every place is different but better overly prepared than not at all).


DSA(Data Structure and Algorithms) are the implementation of the data structures and algorithms which you can implement in any language you want. It is just like you want to print Hello world you can use any language to print it. They are language independent. Some language provide their own set of data structures like cpp, python and java. But that is another thing you can use them which are pre-implemented Or you can implement your own data structures. So feel free to choose any language, because DSA is set of techniques.