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Mobile app development

hello guys. Is a mobile app development available in SoloLearn? If yes, where can I find it. I’m stack.

4/19/2021 12:59:43 PM

Charles Wesonga Namenge

7 Answers

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start off learning either Java or Kotlin. you need basics before you can develop on the real device. if you do that, go find GUIs or APIs that uses Java or Kotlin

+4 Here are some tutorials, extra by learners!! You can learn Dart , using Dart's Flutter you can create Native Applications.

+4 Here are some resources where you will get android related things! All the best!



For mobile development:


Java, Swift, Kotlin just used to develop mobile applications. Go to "learn" section


Please use search bar before posting such repetitive questions . Anyways I hope you've found ur answer .