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Netbeans error

I've installed JDK 16 and Netbeans 12. The first one I used with Ant it's no problem. But when I opened it yesterday, I got messages that it cannot execute. I don't know what's the problem, I didn't change anything. Maybe anyone can help me or has the same problem. Thanks

4/19/2021 12:16:18 PM

Felix Atmaja

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Did you fix it? I was using NetBeans 12.3 with JDK 11 and tried to switch to OpenJDK 11. Now I can't open, run or debug projects. I've just reinstalled the IDE with JDK11 again but still broken. I get an error message named "unexpected error"


ogoxu Sorry I can't fix it with JDK 11. Now I use NetBeans 12.2 and JDK 8. There is no problem with jdk 8


Sonal Naidu Uhm, my lecturer asked to us to use NetBeans. Anyway, thank for your suggestion


ogoxu yes, i uninstalled the netbeans and jdk and downloaded jdk 8, i hope there is no big difference from JDK 16


try using IntelliJ IDEA by Jetbrains. Perfect for JAVA. Here's a link //