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Build Deep Reinforcement Learning in Python?

I have been learning more about ai these days. I want to learn to make ai play games. I have read learnt how Deep Reinforcement Learning works. But I dont know how to implement in python. There library's available, but I want to implement from scratch. I didn't see any python tutorial for building an Deep RL . I am thinking about Q learning. Does anyone know any tutorial.

4/18/2021 9:32:31 AM

Steve Sajeev

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I don't recommend inplementing it from scratch. You'll probably get frustrated. Start by implementing simple models using already existing libs, and start from that. FreeCodeCamp on YouTube has some nice videos on it.


Thanks... Ok... I learned everything... But I never tried implementing it with libs... I thought it would teach me better if I Implement from scratch.. I dont like libs at all...(they are helpful though) So as you said.. I will try some tuts from FCC.😃😃


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